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Drapery Cleaning from Urine Odor & Stains

Drapery urine odor removal call 561-221-2815 or text us my 954 594 2564

Is this is the right cleaning product to remove urine odor and stain from drapery
Is this is the Right 
Product to clean pee stains from Drapery
Why my pet
pee on my 
Customer ask why my cat pee on my drapery many reason for it
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petPeePee cleaning drapery from Dogs urine odor and Stains before and After.
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How can we help You Dear Pet Pee Pee,I own two adorable Havanese dogs that made our custom made drapes their own. 
The pee pee smell was so strong we could no longer utilize our living room. The bottom of the drapes had
 frozen and hardened from our dog's urine.

Calling Pet Pee Pee was the last step we could make before totally replacing the drapes. Meir Martin took our drapes down and processed them through his unique cleansing system and VOILA! - our drapes were like new with the urine smell completely removed. 

Thank you Pet Pee Pee and highest recommendation is hereby given.
To: Meir@PetPeePee.com
Sent: Thursday, January 18, 2007 3:21 PM
Subject: Absolutely unbelievable!

Dear Martin,
After having some major kitty urine soak some very expensive drapes in my home, I had them cleaned (the drapes - not the kitties) by one of those big retail cleaners. When this company brought back my "cleaned" drapes, that awful smell had not been eliminated and the drapes were still a completely useless, expensive mess. I threw them into a black trash bag in my garage, convinced I had no other options and very costly damage to throw away in the next bulk pick up.
​When I saw your PetPeePee truck, I had some hope that you could salvage my drapes - but, I have to admit, I was not completely convinced it would work. At best, I hoped you could mask some of that horrible urine smell. 
You said, with complete confidence, that you were certain you could get the smell out.
 Honestly, I wasn't 100 percent convinced. And I was totally wrong!!! I am completely blown away by your cleaning process and results! The drapes have absolutely no urine smell - NONE. As a lifelong pet owner, and previous attempts to use commercial products and cleaners to clean up pet accidents, I am certain you have achieved the impossible: 
completely eliminating pet urine odor. I will highly recommend you to ANYONE who has
 a need for your company and services.

 Thank you! Susan Olin, Weston, FL Arbonne International
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